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How To Choose The Paint Rollers

By Size
  • 12" to 18" -Used for painting extra large areas; i.e.. warehouse walls, ceilings, floors. The most economical time saver.
  • 9" -The most widely used size in America today. Use for all general painting applications.
  • 2"-2-1/2" For Trim, Rails, Molding: Medium Size Areas
  • 7" -Used for painting smaller "enclosed areas" where fit does not allow a large size.
  • 3" to 4" -Used for tight fitting spaces, trim and touch-up. 4" size especially used for isle marking.
    By Fill Material
    Natural Lambskin
  • -Used best with solvent or alkyd paints. Excellent paint pick up and release.
    Polyester/Wool Blend
  • -Contains the best properties of both materials. High ware resistance of polyester, will not mat down; better paint pick-up and release of wool. Used mostly by professional painters
    Polyester & Blended Fabrics
  • -The most used fabrics on the market. These fabrics offer excellent ware resistance, better paint pick-up and release. Will not mat down.
    By Adhesive
  • Epoxy -Use with mediums containing high solvents.
  • Cement -Use with all water and oil based paints.
    By Quality
  • Best -Offers more paint pick-up and release. Denser fabric paints faster and easier. Will paint better longer.
  • Better -A superior reusable roller for many painting jobs. Contains dense fabric for more paint pick-up and release.
  • Good -Contains less dense fabric which cannot hold as much paint. There rollers are good for 1 or 2 applications.
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